My name is Bora Batur, and I have been exploring the art of Production Design for 19 years. For me, 'Production Design is the art of crafting visual poetry; it's where imagination meets reality, transforming ideas into tangible landscapes that breathe life into every frame of a story.' This perspective has been the driving force behind my work.
After earning my undergraduate degree from the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture at Bilkent University in Turkey, I traveled to Rome, Italy, to build upon my knowledge. There, I obtained a master's degree in Set and Stage Design at the Faculty of Design at the Instituto Europea di Design, which allowed me to delve deeper into my chosen field.
My desire to learn didn't stop there. I pursued a second master's degree in Radio, Television, and Cinema at the Faculty of Communications at Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey.
In addition to my native language, I have a working proficiency in French, English, and Italian, which has proven to be invaluable in my profession.
Currently, I run my Production & Design company in Dubai and Istanbul, collaborating with different Advertising Agencies and Production Companies. In my capacity as a Production Designer and Art Director, I apply my skills and knowledge to various projects in film and photography.
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